Hey, I'm Lissie!

I’m your fat, disabled bestie ♡

Creator, influencer, speaker, writer… I do it all! I’m originally from Charlotte, NC, but I recently moved to a tiny town in the mountains. I’m getting married next year (!!), and I’m legally blind & chronically ill. I spend most of my time playing dress up for instagram (I’m actually really mature, swear), waiting at doctors appointments, and online window shopping.

Passion for Fatshion

As a lifeFat (member of the “I was a kid in weight watchers” club, here), there has always been someone, somewhere, judging me for what I’m wearing. I’ve never been one to shy away from being extra, and “dressing for my body type” isn’t something I really believe in. And I don’t think you need to  put yourself in that box, either. Let’s dress however makes us happy! Life’s too short to wear clothes you don’t like. 


Chronic + iconic

These two look good on you.

Living with chronic illnesses and/or any other disabilities can be so. damn. isolating. It can be overwhelming, and tbh? I often feel like my life revolves around being sick. The thing that has saved me? Community. Knowing that I’m not alone, that I am seen, heard, and supported? That’s life changing. That’s why I do what I do- so you can find that space. Cause I think you’re pretty rad + iconic, too. 


I’ve got a free symptom tracker with your name on it!