Its been a wild Time

Its been a wild Time

I remember, just about a year ago give or take a few weeks, I spent HOURS pouring over Pinterest pins, blog posts, reels, stayed up until 6am one day just pouring over every resource I could find about how to become a full time content creator. I had less than 1000 followers at the time. No one thought I had the stick-to-it-ivness. I had known for over a year that this was my calling. If you scroll back far enough on my page, you can see previous attempts. Ones where I fizzled out after a couple months. I didn’t believe in myself, honestly. 

But something changed the last time. Something in my brain and heart clicked into place. Things lined up. One of my friends told me it’s the new moon in pieces. Part of me thinks I had just had enough of doing nothing. Whatever the reason, I’ve stuck to this goal for a year now. And look how far I’ve come! One little one month mental/physical health break. That’s the only real length of time I’ve taken away from this goal. And man, hard work is starting to pay off. 

And that’s the thing. Its been work. Its been grinding. Its been getting out of bed on days where I probably shouldn’t have, when chronic illness is kicking my a$$. Its been behind the scenes grieving of what I’ve lost to that, and frustrations that come with this job. Its been reckoning with my self doubt, my self hatred. Finding my SELF, self love, self confidence, me in totality. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

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